Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Stone Lion experience in RFID technology and implementation (from our current contract) is currently used to directly support the Sandia National Labs (SNL) Life Cycle Material Management/Chemical Inventory System (LCMM/CIS) Team for the chemical reconciliation efforts as well as assistance with future LCMM/CIS goals for RFID testing and improvement to meet Sandia quality standards.

RFID Data Integration

Stone Lion RFID personnel assist the SNL LCMM/CIS Team with field data integration. This data is transposed into the main Chemical Database by site locations related to chemical reconciliation.

Chemical Database Support

Stone Lion Personnel assist with chemical database management for the SNL LCMM/CIS Team related to site/location totals.This information assists the SNL Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) group with Building/Site/Location chemical totals for the purpose of personnel safety.

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Training for each employee is guided by OHSA requirements, but are enhanced with additional training including:

  • RFID Scanner/Software
  • Lab Safety
  • Beryllium awareness
  • Waste generation
  • Security
  • Radiation Worker II

RFID related to SNL(DOE Facilities)

Stone lion offers a unique formula by combining customer support related to chemical/product tracking for safety purposes and providing environmental solutions when chemical/products need reduction through waste management (As Environmental Specialists).


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