Waste Management


Low – Level Radioactive, Mixed Waste and Hazardous Waste Management

Effective management of low-level or mixed radioactive waste or hazardous waste presents unique challenges requiring creative solutions to reduce the overall waste shipped and stored at waste management facilities. Stone Lion Environmental personnel have extensive waste Management experience allowing us to address the challenges of our nation’s legacy of nuclear waste.

Database and Record Management

All waste is managed and tracked through an efficient QA system containing many checks and balances to insure all waste time requirements. Management records include:

Electronic database tracking
Paper tracing for audit purposes
Waste Classification

Waste is characterized, packed and shipped according to the local Waste Management Facility specifications. Waste is containerized in:

744 boxes
55- gallon drums
super sacks

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Waste Packaging and Minimization

Waste Minimization is accomplished by:

Decontaminating / reusing equipment
Recycling waste
Compacting waste by way of high energy waste compaction.
Waste Stream Management

Customized strategies and targets for managing all waste streams include:

Recycling/ reuse
Generally reducing the low level radioactive and mixed waste shipped to the waste management facility